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An interesting outcome

An interesting -and flattering- outcome of the AHN was the response that it got from a group of students from the University of Utrecht. They are following a study programme concerned with the nature of science and in particular...


A practical outcome

One of the first (because hopefully there will be many more!) outcomes of the loose partnership we formed in the autumn of 2012 was the more structured partnership that comes with an Erasmus Mundus project. Unfortunately, it was...


Honorary Doctorate to Nadia Danova

Academy of Sciences, Sofia


Merger plan withdrawn

  We are happy to announce that the Ministry of Education accepted the University of Athens School of Philosophy arguments against the merger of several Departments. We thank our Network partners for lending us -and the Arts and...


On the proposed Athens faculty mergers

Το Δίκτυο Ανθρωπιστικών Σπουδών Αθηνών για το «Σχέδιο Αθηνά» Πληροφορούμαστε ότι στο πλαίσιο διαρθρωτικών αλλαγών στα πανεπιστήμια της Ελλάδας προτείνεται η συγχώνευση πέντε Τμημάτων Γλώσσας και Φιλολογίας του Εθνικού και...


New Member

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Inaugural Meeting

Athens, 26 & 27 November 2012